Used Wedding Rings

Pre-Owned / Used Gemstone Engagement Rings

Most people don't even think about precious gemstone when they are on their search of the perfect engagement ring. After taking just a few minutes looking through these beautiful gemstone wedding rings, you might have a change of heart and want to add a little color to your finger. Spice up your ring with one of these striking gemstones either as a decorative piece with it front and center all while only paying a fraction of the cost that you would have with a traditional ring.

If you are new to purchasing a used engagement ring or any used jewelry, you'll want to follow a few precautions before closing the deal. The biggest word of advice is ask, ask, ask. The more questions you can ask and have answered the better - type of metal in band, size of diamond, color and clarify of diamond, etc. If an original recipe for the engagement ring or diamond is available, even better. Do your homework before you buy and know what is a "fair price," what is a "good price" and what is a "too good to be true price."

Be sure to look around and have some patience. You're bound to find that perfect used engagement ring that you are looking for at a good price.
If you don't see that perfect pre-owned gemstone engagement ring above,
check back soon as our selection is constantly changing.